HyperMesh is a product lab tackling globally reoccurring connectivity problems by building best-in-class, user-centric products.

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Our Mission

Delivering the tools necessary to build, operate and monetise wireless networks. Making connectivity more seamless and affordable. Solving connectivity problems for billions of people. 

The World Is Full Of Connectivity Gaps

We want to help close those gaps by providing a scalable solution to building networks by people who need them, where they need them.

Urban areas are suffering from bad reception indoors.

Airwaves of modern 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G mobile networks are not traveling well through walls, glass and steel. This leads to bad reception indoors. With 80% of traffic being consumed indoors, HyperMesh can provide an efficient high-speed solution. Improving the user’s experience and allowing network operators to serve their customers anywhere.

Densely populated environments need alternatives for capacity.

Mobile networks in densely populated environments are increasingly overloaded due to heavy usage and a growing number of devices. With HyperMesh this traffic can be offloaded into indoor & outdoor WiFi networks and ensure a consistent high-quality experience for the users.

Billions of people live outside the coverage of high-speed networks

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City-wide WiFi

Build networks in dense urban areas that seamlessly connect the users wherever they go and roam between cellular and WiFi.

Standalone WiFi Networks

Build low-cost, high-speed networks in your town. Full mobility and connectivity without the need for cellular data networks.

Enterprise WiFi

Build state-of the art, highly secure networks for your company with automatic on-boarding and provisioning of users.