Better Internet for everyone, built by anyone.

HyperMesh is a decentralised network platform. Allowing any individual, small & large ISP to join together and provide internet connectivity to billions of people.

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Today’s networks are inefficient due to limitations in their architecture.

Connectivity has to be ubiquitous and seamless. Centralized network operators are struggling to keep up with exploding demand as it is physically impossible for them to be everywhere at the same time. This leads to inefficient, slow networks that are spotty and overloaded. In most regions rural areas have very limited coverage, at extremely slow speeds and much higher cost than their urban counterparts. Operators have very limited means to get indoors coverage where 80% of traffic is consumed.

Until today there was no way of organizing a large number of small internet service providers and individuals to contribute to one large, secure and seamless network, while automatically pay the contributors for the provided network capacity.

A network of networks.

Built by you. 

Build your own ISP with HyperMesh. Providing internet access to your community has never been easier. You can sell broadband to homes and businesses, equip local venues & public spaces with hotspots.

HyperMesh provides full support in setting up your business, managing customers and billing. Since HyperMesh is open and interoperable, you can earn money serving all HyperMesh users and can offer your customers a global network of hotspots while they are on the go, at no additional cost.

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Host a Hotspot. Get Paid.

HyperMesh consists of individual hotspots as well as small and large ISPs. All HyperMesh users can seamlessly and securely roam between all HyperMesh access points.

Do you want to offer your guests or customers secure & simple WiFi? Sign up today to learn how to install a Hotspot, or install HyperMesh on your existing WiFi.

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Decentralised from the ground up.

HyperMesh is designed to be a decentralised network platform. A network that is operated by many different providers of all sized, playing by the same transparent rules, with one common goal. Creating the worlds first truly global, community owned and operated telecommunications network.

HyperMesh has committed to building a set of open-source tools to make this a reality. At the heart of the platform is a blockchain protocol that enables all participants to interact in a trusted way by providing billing, ID and other services.

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